How To install Duel boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 Operating System On Your Laptop computer

How To install Duel boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 Operating System On Your Laptop computer

How To install Duel boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 Operating System On Your Laptop computer

In This Artical I Am Trying To explain How can We Ca Duel Boot Operating System Ubuntu And Windwos 10 On Sisngle Sysytem And Hard disk As Most Of My student Know That Ubuntu Is Open Source Operating System Of Linux OS Series And Very Light And Speedy Operating System with Lot Of Compatibality Software With Microsoft. But I can Say Almost Each Software Can Work Well With Ububtu Operating System .  As Compare With Windows Micosoft Operating System Normaly USer are Not Satisfied On UBUNTU Operating Becasue Windwo sIs more User Friendly But Why I REcommend Ubuntu For Those Student Who have Advance Level Of Programming and Internet Seaching Writing Artical with Intenet Base Software ANd who have need more Security Feature Irecommend Those Add This Operating System  in tow Option in your laptop ad Enjoy This Free open Source Operating With More security Feature with Excelent Working Speed . So lets get start with topic How To install Duel boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 Operating System On Your Laptop computer. I have divided this metheod  into e section

  • 1 we need to make bootable usb instalation source
  • 2 we need to install on our laptop asuming tht  we have already install widows 10 on our system

How To make Bootble USB 

We need  16Gigabyte  USB Flash Drive rufus guide how to make bootable usb

Download utility to  make usb botable Call rufus from link here

Open software and  Follow number as i guide below and see image for description

  1. Select Your usb disk on which you need to make bootable usb beware all data will be lost copy it any were before proceed
  2. select you downlaod ubuntu ISO image you can downlaod from here
  3. chose partion secheme MBR
  4. Select Target system Bios Or UEFI Both
  5. this is your lable of usb name it as you want
  6. set file system to FAT32 defult
  7. Click On STart And wait for 20 mint Aproxximatly you usb will be ready to Install UBUNTU Operating System


  •  If YOu have Not This Usb And Booting Experience Dont Worry We will helpout You We Recommend To buy Bootalbe USB from Our Store Wesell Orignal Prodects With Backup and Guideness

  • if Your Feel Convients To buy From Daraz We have also Store On DARAZ Be Followed And Buy FRom there click On link 

  • if you want to buy widows 10 bootable instalation disk click on linke here

Now We Move NExt Option How Can we Boot From system Bios and go for Installation Process

Power Up your system And Press F12 for boot menu toboot from usb

Here Are some more information need to be explaned Every System Vender have Differnet Boot Key I EXplain Most that USed here if You Have not COnfrmed Your Boot Keys Let Me knowYou system vender and model I will Tell You in comment section .

  • Lenevo  boot menu Key =F12
  • Dell boot menu KEy =F12
  • Hp boot menu Key = F9
  • Intel System Boot Key =F10

Press Enter FRom usb Boot after Plugging USb INto You System And Follow The Step next keyboard selection make us defualt keyboard and Hit Press next I will Explain Here HDD PArtion Selection And Format Option Because IT is Important to Explain here

How To install Ubuntu Operating System On You laptop With Bootable Usb Instalation Source

Select US KEyboard Language and LAyout Below Image

keyboard selection ubuntu instalation

USe Here All Seelction If You Have Not working Internet Uncheck last one Hit Continue

Below Image is about option your instalation process of erasing hard disk and file you select here what you want to do if you want install windwos on Your C partion where you winddows 10 already install you have to select first option if you have to newly free hdd and want to erase all select 2nd option in my case i select 3 rd option because i have install both windwos 10 and ubuntu in seperate partion and boot seperatly from selection mene while operating system start so i  receommen 3rd option as i did in image


after next step we see image as below for hdd partion and size  here you can identified hdd as dev/sda1 and sdb1 if 2 hdd had drive select your target partion where you plan to install ubuntu make sure all data of this partion will be loss it must be formatted now so i recommend go back and copy all data before proceeding further to  safe place or other partion then slecet partion and double click on it for format and selection of mount point


2 optoin i mention in image is bootloader whre you want to show your boot optin when you boot system you may put this boot loader in first hdd main partion first partion where your windwos  1o installed   so that when windwos start you may have option to which os boot okay now proceed hdd partion selection and double click on it for format option as i will show you next image

After Double Click on partion seletion you may have this type ofoption popup  leave hdd size as it go for format option  and select ext4  file format and below mount point / and click okay after short your hdd will be format and ready to go further

hdd format ubuntu

Go for Next Option Select You Time Frame and Country And next Winsow Create Loggin For Ubuntu Login and Click Proceed and Take Some Relax With Cup of Tea here All is DOne Automatical Now By System You can Also Watch My Youtube Video For Further Instalation Process and Details Like And Subscribe My Channell Below

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