Setup IP NVR/camera online with ddns And p2p Network

Setup IP NVR/camera online with ddns And p2p Network

Modern ERA have very much need of security every where to protect you and your business .we offered our services  to installed best security surveillance system .one of the best system to view you office remotely from your home Via online IP cameras .Today  we are going to show you IP camera how  to be setup  IP camera  remotely . first i am showing you block diagram to better understand what is actually this all setup Below diagram give you better understand how wiring and system work  Figure.1


IP camera wiring block diagram

After installation of all setup including camera ,installing cabling powering up,first off all we need to know the IP address of our camera or DVR (digital video recorder ).it should be like print on the back of Camera .open you internet explorer and put this ip into browser it  prompt for admin username and password by default user name is admin and password is null.if not working contact your camera vendor ,Manuel or it is printer on the back of camera.after conforming it put you  credential now a  window will open along with multiple screen .First i will show you ddns method in Figure.2

open Noip to create free accounts for ddns. after creating account go to host/redirect >add host  enter the required domain name for host no need to put ip address .it  will add automatically .save it .put  all these information into router or camera you are going to setup .see Figure.3

IP camera online with ddns

save all setting restart you it is time to open ptcl router to create dmz host with required ip address of our camera or dvr have.and  to forward port like http: 80

video  port so that when some information come across network the ptcl router forward all information to required dmz host .that we have already setup ..

And For p2p first off all i want to describe what is p2p network with figure out then i will show how to get atached a camera into p2p app

What is p2p network

Peer-to-peer, or P2P in its abbreviated form, refers to computer networks that use a distributed architecture. That means that all the computers or devices that are part of it share the workloads in the network. The computers or devices that are part of a peer-to-peer network are called peers. Each peer from a peer-to-peer network is equal to the other peers. There are no privileged peers, and there is no central administrator device in the center of the network.

we need only to setup a camera /nvr/dvr with p2p  network is  that option should be enabled within deices .todays every manufacture have its mobile app for its brand install and add camera /devices by imputing serial number or QR code scan and enjoy For this connectivity we must ensure that first our camera and dvr should be in same p2p network for connecting /for adding devices


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